covid-19 appointments

keeping safe at elena ferrara bridal

so this is all very different, isnt it!  as we all know this pandemic has made such an impact on all our lives, so sadly this means that from now on we all must do things a little differently.

we are super excited to be back in the boutique, and whilst we are happy to be back we have to make sure that we feel safe and secure for the sake of everyone, including all our brides who are, finally, getting married at this time. so, we have introduced a few new safety measures, which are in place until further notice and will be updated regularly.

*please note that these rules will be in place until September 2021 at the earliest. thank you*

please take the time to read through this, and get in touch if you have any questions

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welcome to our new 'normal'

(for a little while)

* booking your appointment *


* booking - bridal appointments are now limited to 3 people only.  so that is you, the bride, plus 2 VIP guests only. please chose your plus two well, people who you trust their opinion and respects yours. you will be able to video call extra family or friends if you find a dress that you love, so that you can include them in the occasion, but please remember that there is no photos. 

* opening hours - our opening hours will remain the same but we will not be open for browsing until further notice, if you would like to see our dresses, please book via email or call us

* research - please do your research, look at our website, read our information, check out our social media - instagram, facebook and pinterest so see if we are a good fit for you. you will know whether our designers hit the right notes for you. if you are interested in a certain dress, let us know first, so we can check whether it we have it in stock. look at the price range too, make sure that we suit your budget.

*browsing - please, please, please understand that this is not the time for browsing. we only have a limited number of appointments which are restricted. so if you are not quite ready to buy your dress, are not sure what you are looking for or simply window shopping then this is really not the time. and that's OK, your time will come and we will be here for when you are ready, and we can't wait to meet you

*be honest - if you don't feel comfortable with the new rules, that is also OK. they are here to keep you safe and are only temporary. the rules will, fingers cross, be relaxed as we move into the summer months, so please do not book just yet. come back later in the year, we will still be here, with open arms to meet you and give you the best bridal experience.

*contact - if you, your guest or anyone you have been in contact with, has tested positive for COVID-19 or experienced any symptoms in the last 14 days, please please please be wise and reschedule your appointment. we are happy to move your appointment until it is safe.

*international travel - if you have travelled abroad at any point since the easing of the lock-down, please please please do not book an appointment until at least 3 weeks after you have arrived back into the UK. this is to ensure the safety of all the staff and future brides and this applies to all international travel

*covid positive - if you have had a positive test result or have been asked to isolate, please refrain from booking an appointment with us, for at least four weeks after the last day of isolation. this is to protect myself, my staff, by brides.

*lateral flow tests - we are currently using the lateral flow tests to test our staff for covid. this to ensure that you are coming into a safe environment, and also to protect, us and our brides. if you are coming to see us, we would advise that you also do this test prior to your appointment. if you do have a positive test result please let us know and we will rebook your appointment. thank you .


* your appointment *

* appointment times are restricted to 1 hour 15mins and we will need to stick to this. i am afraid that we cannot overrun.

please arrive promptly, if you are early please be patient as the door will be locked. we will be cleaning between appointments to ensure that it is safe for every bride. we will be running on a tighter time schedule than before, so please do not be late.

* coats and shoes will need to be left by the front door. please bring socks to cover bare feet.

*hand sanitisers are available and we will need you to sanitise your hands as you arrive into the boutique.

* face masks will be required, please bring your own, but we will also have face masks and gloves available for you.

* unfortunately we will be unable to provide refreshments. you may bring a bottle of water with you, but no other refreshments

*updated 08.07.2021

please remember that these rules will change as the government guidelines alter so please recheck this page for updates before your appointment. our rules, sadly, are not flexible and we will be strict with them, but like we said, this is to keep us all well. we want you to have the best experience, be safe and know that you are in a safe environment when you find 'the one' with us.

if you feel that you are not ready for an appointment, or are not happy with these rules, then that is ok, we want you to feel secure so we can reschedule your appointment for a few weeks/months time when it all (hopefully) has calmed down. our diary is open for the whole of 2021 so you can book an appointment for a few months time. if you have any worries or concerns please give us a call and we can talk you through it all, we are here to help you.

we very much look forward to meeting you

love elena

and all the team at elena ferrara bridal


01904 640046