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HUGE news!

you may or may not know, but there have been some HUGE changes over the last few months. it may have taken a while to get there, and announce it but, hell we have done in the end!

so what is this huge news, you ask?

well. we have finally #upgraded and #refurbished our cute little boutique into the pretty little shop that you see today! wahoo!


so a little back story - the shop was once owned/ known as andrea bambridge. but lets be honest here, she kinda got bored with bridal business and sold the shop, lock, stock and barrel (sewing machine) including the brand. to us! yay

we saw the potential and totally knew the difficulties that faced us - trust us when we say that we were fully aware of it all!! the less than perfect reputation, and poor ratings,(which by no means was us, lets be clear on that!!" )

we could see the end goal and had huge dreams of our own and so we chose to do it. we thought f**k it! lets follow our dreams and work our magic and see where the yellow brick road leads us.

fast forward to today - we have met the most amazing brides, who have embraced the change, trusted in me, in us, who knew that we could deliver on , and more than what we promised. and boy we have done that!

its been an emotional year, for both our brides and ourselves, especially myself/ its been hard work. but hell, its been totally worth it.

when we have worked so hard on making the dream dress for our brides and then we see the end result, we know we did the right thing. and thank you to all you beautiful brides, you know who you are xx

so what i am saying is, trust us, love us, and know that you are in safe hands. we absolutely promise to be the best we can, make you the best you can be and make you look/feel a million dollars

so what are you waiting for?

pop in, take a look, have a chat with us and see where your adventure takes you

love to you all


yes, the new owner! xx

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